Perfect Love

20 Jan

God’s Word: 1 John 4:6-16

God’s Message to Me: (My interpretation of what God is saying to me through these verses)

Perfect Love!  Now who wouldn’t want to receive that?

What does perfect love look like?  It’s dressed in the everyday clothing of the servant, of sacrificing yourself, your own pleasures and fancies, to benefit the needs of another.  Unlike the servants of old who served because they were forced—perfect love serves out of gratitude for My forgiving love that first gave to them.

What did I give you?  I have created this world as the perfect habitat for your life to exist.  I gave you life and have provided for you from day one.  I have loved you with an unquenchable love that loves no matter the condition of the loved one.  I demonstrated this love by coming to earth as Christ, living the life of a servant, and dying in your place, so that you could be reunited with My Spirit—through forgiveness.

What do I want from you?  You—just you—with all your faults and hang-ups!  As a parent your heart aches to have a chasm between your love and your child.  Sin, rebellion against Me and My Word, creates a chasm between Me and you.  My love, demonstrated through the death of Christ, spans the chasm—but only you can cross over to Me.  Should you choose to accept My forgiveness, I give you My perfect love and simply ask you to pass it on to all those around you.

What a beautiful world this could be if My people, who accept my perfect love, would pass it on.

God’s Question for Me: What will you do today to demonstrate My perfect love?

God’s Promise to Me: I dwell deeply within the one who loves others sacrificially, thus making my love a full and complete circle—perfect love.

My Song to God:  All He Wants Is You      By: Audrey Mieir

Something more than gold for the Master
Something more than gifts to appease
There is only one thing that you alone can bring
There is only one gift that will please.

All He wants is you, No one else will do
Not just a part He wants all of your heart.
All He wants is all of you,
All He wants is you.

Nothing less than this can you offer;
Nothing less than this can you bring,
It is not just your songs,
But for you alone He longs,
Nothing less can you give to your King.

All He wants is me, Unreservedly,
Not just a part, He wants all of my heart.
All He wants is all of me,
All He wants is me.



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