The Royal Rule of Love

22 Dec

God’s Word: James 2

God’s Message to Me: (My interpretation of what God is saying to me through these verses)

I hear my royal rule of love quoted often but seldom do I see it really carried out.  “Love others as you love yourself,” sounds like such a simple, common sense idea but mankind is challenged in really doing what it says.  That is why I sent Jesus, as the babe in the manger, to grow up among mankind and be a living demonstration of this royal rule of love.

Jesus didn’t just talk about love—he loved to the limit.  He reached out to the lowly, the children, the poor, the sick, the crippled, and made their lives whole.  He went about doing good and teaching My principles for a rich and full life wherever He went.  But mankind did not want to hear My principles taught—they preferred their traditions—so they rejected Jesus and even went so far as to hang him on a cross to die.

From the manger to the cross—that is the path Jesus’ life led him for obeying this royal rule of love.  He walked the talk by really loving others as He loved Himself.  In every generation of mankind I need those who are willing to walk the talk.  Abraham was another one who acted out his faith.  Faith could be likened to a glove and “acting out that faith” as the hand that fits into the glove and gets to work.  Faith alone is a limp and useless glove.  Your faith is made visible as you put on the glove and get to work.  That is what Jesus did.

God’s Question for Me: Will you put on the glove of faith and get to work carrying out my royal rule of love—loving others as you love yourself—by acting on that faith.

God’s Promise to Me: Salvation is My free gift to you. I hand you the glove of faith.  Your faith becomes real and active as you express it through your works.  I do not judge your works but the faith that inspired those actions.

My Prayer to God:

Adoration:  I praise and honor you for Christ, the perfect example, willing to live and die to show us the extent of Your love.

Confession:  I repent of my slowness to put on the glove of faith and get to work carrying out Your royal rule of love.

Thanksgiving:  Thank you for your loving patience with me and your forgiveness when I am weak and fail.

Supplication:  I need your help and guidance to wear the glove of faith and do the works that you have prepared for me to do.  Help me to be sensitive to Your leading and willing to sacrificially take the steps of faith.

My Song to God:

Love, Love, Love, Love
The Gospel in a word is Love
Love your neighbor as your brother
Love, Love, Love

Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace
The Gospel in a word is Peace
Peace that passes understanding
Peace, Peace, Peace

Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
The Gospel in a word is Joy
Joy that fills to overflowing
Joy, Joy, Joy

Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ
The Gospel in a word is Christ
Love Him, serve Him, and adore Him
Jesus Christ



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