Put Your Foot Down

15 Nov

God’s Word: Titus 3

God’s Message to Me: (My interpretation of what God is saying to me through these verses)

There are some matters in life that are non-negotiable.  Your job is to discover what they are for you.  I have provided you with My Word—the Bible—to help you choose those non-negotiable matters of life where you will put your foot down.  Lay down the chip on your shoulder and pick up My Word that directs you in how to burn the chip and put a smile on your face.  Immerse yourself in My Word and come clean both inside and out.

You will discover that victorious living grasps the essentials that are good for everyone, not just those that please your own personal fancy.  Essentials such as respect the government, be law-abiding, always ready to lend a helping hand, no insults, no fights—God followers should be big-hearted and courteous.

I implore you to be diligent in your work, put your foot down and keep the main thing the main thing.  This world is not your home, you are just passing through.  Don’t live as though your life on earth was meant to be utopia.  It is merely the training ground for the life to come—that so far exceeds this life there is no comparison.  Only by looking to the manual can you participate in the training—and receive the reward.  And the reward—well let Me tell you, it is out of this world!

God’s Question for Me: How long has it been since you connected with Me through My manual?  You are the only you I get—and I love you.

God’s Promise to Me: I created the universe and the earth for human habitation so that you and I could communicate—through the medium of My Word.  My Word will not return unto Me void.

My Prayer to God:

Adoration:  It is so true!  Your Word is the avenue into Your heart and the connection point for my heart to Yours.  You tenderly nurse that connection tailored just for me.  Yes, one size fits all when it comes to Your Word because You are the one who makes it fit our situation perfectly.  How amazing and blessed we are through Your Word.

Confession:  Why are we people so prone to search high and low for answers to the deep questions of life and ignore the very wellspring of life—You that we find revealed in Your Word.  All I ever need to know about life I find the answers by connecting to You through Your Word.  So sad that I have gotten so involved in “figuring things out” on my own instead of simply turning to You.

Thanksgiving:  Living life with You at my side is literally NEW every morning.  I love the way you help me understand things I never would have thought of on my own.  And in Your wisdom you reveal things to me in baby steps so I am not overwhelmed.  Thank you that I have this exciting life with You as my guide and mentor and I have put my foot down on this truth.

Supplication:  In all the matters of this life that we are involved in, I want to always keep the main thing the main thing.  My life is Yours, do with it as You will.  I want to glorify You by all I do and say but without Your constant abiding presence, I fail too often.  Help me to put my foot down firmly and stay focused on You and how I can best honor You with my life.

My Song to God:

This world is not my home I’m just a passing through,
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue.
The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door,
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.

Oh Lord you know I have no friend like you,
If heaven’s not my home then Lord what will I do.
The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door,
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.

My Savior pardoned me from guilt and shame I know;
I’ll trust His saving grace while travelling here below.
I know He’ll welcome me at heaven’s open door,
And I can’t feel at home in this world any more.


I have a loving Savior up in glory land;
I don’t expect to stop until I with Him stand.
He’s waiting now for me in heaven’s open door.
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore

The saints in glory land are shouting victory;
I want to join their band and live eternally.
I hear the sweetest praise from heaven’s open door,
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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