Shanty or Castle?

2 Nov

God’s Word: I Timothy 5

God’s Message to Me: (My interpretation of what God is saying to me through these verses)

You don’t have to travel around the world searching out people to help in order to please me.  I am most impressed about what takes place right at your own doorstep.  Be it shanty or castle, the people who abide there are king, queen, princes and princesses of their own family kingdom.  Were that so, would it not make a difference in how you treated one another?  Those titles command respect?

Why is humanity so prone to apply my principles outside the home but ignore them on their own doorstep?  The most well-known one is “treat others as you wish to be treated.”  You work hard at following that in the workplace and school yard but ignore it once you cross your doorstep.

Reading further in My Word you will find that I take your treatment of all others personally.  There is a subtle difference in treating others as you wish to be treated and treating them as you would treat me.  My Spirit is present everywhere, at all times, not just when you step into the church’s building.  I abide in your homes, be they shanty or castle, and when you treat one another with unselfish love, kind words and deeds, you are doing that to Me.  Likewise, when you are harsh or cruel with one other, you are also treating Me that way.  How you treat one another in the home seeps out into your world.  Who you are at home is the essence of you.    As goes the door-step, so goes the world.

God’s Question for Me: Are there some changes you need to make in how you treat others in your family?

God’s Promise to Me: I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I am there with you—right on your own door-step.

My Prayer to God:

Adoration:  This thought brings You over my door-step and into my home.  How amazing that we don’t have to go away from home to serve You.  I want to always remember that You are here and present, hearing every word, watching every action.

Confession:  I certainly haven’t lived my life conscious of this reality.  You have heard some pretty ugly things and saw things I wish You had never seen.  I am sorry and needed this reminder to once again—focus on You in how I treat those closest to me.

Thanksgiving:  How totally amazing that you don’t treat us as our words and deeds deserve.  Thank you for patiently bringing me back to true north and not just washing your hands of me.

Supplication:  I want to treat all others as though I were speaking and acting toward You.  That seems such a simple way to serve You yet is so hard to put into practice.  Please help me do that which I so badly want to do instead of that which I end up doing so badly.

My Song to God:

Lord, help me live from day to day
In such a self-forgetful way
That even when I kneel to pray
My prayer shall be for—Others.


Others, Lord, yes others,
Let this my motto be,
Help me to live for others,
That I may live like Thee.

Help me in all the work I do
To ever be sincere and true
And know that all I’d do for You
Must needs be done for—Others.


Let “Self” be crucified and slain
And buried deep: and all in vain
May efforts be to rise again,
Unless to live for—Others.


And when my work on earth is done,
And my new work in Heav’n’s begun,
May I forget the crown I’ve won,
While thinking still of—Others.



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