Your Assignment

27 Oct

God’s Word: I Timothy 1

God’s Message to Me: (My interpretation of what God is saying to me through these verses)

I have an assignment for your entire life—yes I mean you!  Christ gave His life as a demonstration of how to carry out that assignment.  The central focus of your life’s assignment is to love others—pretty simple, however the part that makes it a challenge is this—love others uncontaminated by self-interest.  Oh, how you want others to love you that way but when it comes to you doing it—you are challenged.  It takes a conscious decision to set self aside and give, even when it hurts.

You love in many ways; your words of kindness, compassion, and encouragement, giving freely of your time for the good of another, with no regards as to what you receive for yourself, investing your resources for the good of another person, or even a simple smile at those you meet on the street.  Connect with others for their benefit—not your own.  That is the example Christ came to earth to live out before you.  That is the daily assignment I give you.  Even today, numerous opportunities to carry out this assignment will arise.  Respond as unto Me.

But what about those who take advantage of you?  They may even be out to do you in!  Your assignment never changes.  Just as you want my love and grace to never stop flowing into your life—you must let it flow from you into all others lives—regardless of their treatment of you.  “As much as in you lieth, be at peace with all men.”  That means, never give them cause to treat you poorly—and even if they do—do not retaliate.  It hurts you and it hurts Me more than it hurts their calloused hearts.

God’s Question for Me: Will you look for the good in others and encourage them regardless of how they treat you?

God’s Promise to Me: I know the thoughts of your heart and am eager to be your helper in carrying them to fruition.

My Prayer to God:

Adoration:  I’m grateful for this reminder to forget about myself and magnify You by serving others.

Confession:  This is hard to do.  The self-concern is so automatic we don’t even stop to realize what we are doing.  I want to stop and think and set self-interest aside and serve as unto You.

Thanksgiving;  Thank you Dear God for not treating me as my selfishness deserves but looking at me with forgiving eyes of mercy.

Supplication:  Help me to eagerly look at others with forgiving eyes of mercy, eager to encourage them, nudge them closer to You.

My Song to God:

“I Gave My Life for Thee”  by Frances R. Havergal, 1836-1879
1. I gave My life for thee,
My precious blood I shed,
That thou might’st ransomed be
And quickened from the dead.
I gave My life for thee;
What hast thou given for Me?

2. I spent long years for thee
In weariness and woe
That an eternity
Of joy thou mightest know.
I spent long years for thee;
Hast thou spent one for Me?

3. My Father’s home of light,
My rainbow-circled throne,
I left for earthly night,
For wanderings sad and lone.
I left it all for thee;
Hast thou left aught for Me?

4. I suffered much for thee,
More than My tongue may tell,
Of bitterest agony,
To rescue thee from hell.
I suffered much for thee;
What canst thou bear for Me?

5. And I have brought to thee
Down from My home above
Salvation full and free,
My pardon and My love.
Great gifts I brought to thee;
What hast thou brought to Me?

6. Oh, let thy life be given,
Thy years for Me be spent,
World’s fetters all be riven,
And joy with suffering blent!
I gave Myself for thee:
Give thou thyself to Me.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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