Forget Self?

28 Sep

God’s Word: Philippians 2

God’s Message to Me: (My interpretation of what God is saying to me through these verses)

Most people don’t need help in developing their self-esteem.  A lack of “self-esteem” is often a case of selfishness—caring more about self than others.  They wait for someone to come along to lift them up rather than reaching out to lift another up.  Helping another is a wonderful means to build self-esteem.  I’ve created you with this capability to help one another and when you stifle that need you become self-centered and selfishly look out only for your own interests.

People say “I’ve got to look out for number one!”  What if Jesus would have said that?  He would certainly not have sacrificed Himself on the cross to pay the penalty of your sin.  His was the ultimate “forget-about-yourself” example of helping others.  Think about it!  A world full of people all caring vigorously about themselves and ignoring others.  Not a pleasant world to live in.  Jesus set the example for developing self-esteem by giving of Himself on behalf of others.

Do you feel you have a low self-esteem?  Have you considered how much you are loved by Me.  I sacrificed my son to pay the penalty for your sin.  He willingly paid the price.  Our love knows no bounds where you are concerned.  And what do I ask from you?  To simply believe that Jesus was sent from Me and follow in His steps—forgetting about yourself and caring for the needs of others.  You will find your self-esteem sky-rocket as you give yourself cheerfully, in service to others. Remember, We take your treatment of others personally!

God’s Question for Me: Will you forget about yourself, look to Me and let Me lead you to those who need your touch—your compassion—your love?

God’s Promise to Me: As you travel down my path of self-sacrifice, the one I have traveled before you, I will be with you with comfort, strength and deep and lasting joy.

My Prayer to God:

Adoration:  I love learning from Your Word.  We finite humans need constant reminders of what life is all about and how to best overcome the challenges of life.  How blest we are to have your Word where we can actually interact with YOU and draw strength and guidance for daily living. You are everything to me.

Confession:  I admit I am way more concerned about myself than I want to be.  It is a challenge to really do this—forget about self and let my life be all about others.  Yet, I know this is the path to real happiness and joy—being all about others instead of self.

Thanksgiving:  I thank you for preserving Your Word down through these many years and for the way You interact with our spirits as we ponder your word.  This is my source of meditation—not an emptying my mind of things but filling my mind with your Word and whatever is good, pure and holy.  Thank you God.  I love you and want to be your angel of mercy to others.

Confession:  It is so easy to get obsessed with caring for our own needs and wants and forget about simply giving self on behalf of others.  I’m sorry and want to commit myself to living to relieve the suffering of others by reaching out to them with your loving concern.  I want to be Your hands and feet of love and mercy and forget about myself.

My Song to God: We have Come into His House

We have come into His house to magnify His name and worship Him.
We have come into his house to magnify His name and worship Christ the Lord, worship Him, Jesus Christ our Lord.

If you have a heavy heart and a troubled mind, just worship Him.
If you have a heavy heart and a troubled mind just worship Christ the Lord,
worship Him, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let’s forget about ourselves and concentrate on Him and worship Him.
Let’s forget about ourselves and concentrate on Him and worship Christ the Lord, worship Him, Jesus Christ our Lord.


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