The Perfect Sacrifice

9 Sep

God’s Word: Galatians 4

God’s Message to Me: (What I feel God is saying to me through these verses.)

The laws I gave in the Old Testament were given to protect you from the illnesses and pains of living a life just to please yourself.  I designed you and know what is best for you.  It is best for you to follow a set of rules and regulations to keep your selfish desires in check.  When I said in the Ten Commandments to not commit adultery, to not kill, steal, to honor your father and mother, etc. these were to help you live a peaceful life—not to hinder you.

But no, you would rather live a life unchecked and according to your own wants and wishes.  As a parent makes a child responsible for their own actions, I have had to take that same method with you.  You commit adultery, steal, kill, dishonor your parents and you suffer the consequences.  Not only do you suffer but all those who love you suffer.  Nothing good came to anyone by ignoring even one of these commandments.

Old Testament laws required that when my laws were “broken,” an anal was to be sacrificed to show your repentance.  But as the people on earth increased the disobedience increased and the animal sacrifices were rampant.  Then I sent Jesus to earth to serve as the perfect sacrifice, for all time, and put an end to animal sacrifices.  His death on the cross set in order a whole new dispensation.  Now, instead of being a slave to the Old Testament laws you can be adopted as my children, through acceptance of Christ as having paid the price for your sins.  You can trade His perfection for your imperfection.  All have sinned—therefore all need redemption through Christ.

God’s Question for Me: How has my “adoption” of you changed your life?

God’s Promise to Me: You are My child and the heir to the mansion being prepared for you in Heaven.

My Prayer to God:

Adoration:  What an honor and privilege it is to be adopted into your family God, and be given Jesus as an older brother who paid the price for my sins.

Confession:  I am certainly unworthy of this honor and wish I showed you more fully my honor by living more completely according to Jesus’ example/

Thanksgiving:  Thank you for wanting me, using me, and guiding me into greater avenues of service on behalf of Christ’s sacrifice for me.

Supplication:  Help me God to realize daily the sacrifice that made my freedom possible and to live as a free and loved child of Yours that yearns to please You by my thoughts, words and actions.

My Song to God: The Savior is waiting

The Savior is waiting to enter your heart
Why don’t you let Him come in?
There’s nothing in this world to keep you apart
What is your answer to Him?

Time after time
He has waited before
And now He is waiting again
To see if you are willing
To open the door
Oh, how He wants to come in.

If you’ll take one step
Toward the Savior, my friend,
You’ll find His arms open wide.
Receive Him, and all of your darkness will end
Within your heart He’ll abide.

Time after time
He has waited before
And now He is waiting again
To see if you are willing
To open the door
Oh, how He wants to come in.


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