Jesus Rescues

6 Sep

God’s Word: Galatians 1

God’s Message to Me:

After Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and return to heaven, a man named Paul, a fierce opponent to Jesus’ teaching, began killing Jesus’ followers.  I saw that he was a man who was willing to go to any length for what he believed in.  Therefore, I stepped in and gave him a vision and a voice to redirect his efforts.  Of course, it was his free-will to accept or reject this vision and voice.  He chose to accept it as from Me.

Then Paul had a complete turnaround.  Not only did he quit killing those who followed Christ, he became an outspoken proclaimer of Jesus and His message.  Wherever he went, his purpose was to deliver this message to whoever would listen.  He found many who believed his message in the Galatian province.  Paul moved on to preach other places but remained concerned about those who had come to believe.  When he found out that these new believers were being taught falsehoods, he wrote them a letter to set the record straight, to point them back to freedom in Christ Jesus.

And I am aware that at the point you are reading this—the record still needs to be set straight.  The message still needs to be delivered to humanity that Jesus Christ provided a way of rescue from this evil world by offering Himself as a sacrifice for sin.  My plan is that everyone experience that rescue—to be set FREE from sin.  My plan is that those who have experienced that rescue will share this life-saving message with others.

God’s Question for Me: Who knows that Jesus rescues from sin because of your testimony?

God’s Promise to Me:  This message of Jesus’ mission on earth to rescue from sin is endorsed by and came directly from Me.

My Prayer to God:

Adoration:  I am humbled and in awe that you would send Jesus to rescue even me from the grasp of and result of sin.  I am so unworthy to exchange my sin for Jesus forgiveness.  I could never praise you enough for this great deed of love.

Confession:  I’m ashamed that I get so involved in life that I ignore your great sacrifice and fail to be your faithful messenger of Good News.

Thanksgiving:  I am loved!  I am forgiven!  I shall be eternally grateful.

Supplication:  Help me so live my life and speak my words that others will see the beauty of Jesus in me.  Oh to be found faithful to You.

My Song to God:   You Never Mentioned Him to Me

When in the better land before the bar we stand,
How deeply grieved our souls will be;
If any lost one there should cry in deep despair,
“You never mentioned Him to me.”

CHORUS: You never mentioned Him to me,
You helped me not the way to see;
You met me day by day and knew I was astray,
Yet never mentioned Him to me.”

O let us spread the word–where e’re it may be heard,
Help groping souls the light to see,
That yonder none may say, “You showed me not the way.”
You never mentioned Him to me.


A few sweet words may guide a lost one to His side,
Or turn sad eyes on Calvary;
So work as days go by, that yonder none may cry,
“You never mentioned Him to me.”



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