The Harvest Principle

22 Aug

God’s Word: John 15

God’s message to me:

Everyone wants an abundant crop but few take the time to do the necessary pruning.  The branches that don’t bear fruit—cut them off.  Even the branches that bear will bear even more if pruned back properly.  Abundant harvests come from the well-tended vine—watered, nourished and pruned.

I sent Jesus to earth to display the Harvest Principle through His life.  He is the vine and those who believe in Him as having come from Me are the branches.  The branches can bear fruit only as they are joined to the vine—as they make a home in the vine.  The nourishment that flows from the vine to the branches is compared to My love.  Jesus’ life demonstrated My love for mankind.  Your belief joins you to Jesus—the Vine.  As you make your home in Jesus My love flows through Him into your life. 

Joy is the evidence that you are attached to Jesus.  And the fruit you produce at harvest is love.  Jesus’ life was a life of love—of sacrifice for the benefit of others.  As the vine sacrifices some of its branches for the benefit of producing more fruit—you will be called upon to sacrifice some of your time—your abilities and resources for the benefit of others.  That is love in action—the harvest principle.  That is obedience to My root command—LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

God’s Question for me: Who has benefitted today from your following my root command to love one another?

God’s Promise to me: (Jesus) “I’ve loved you the way My Father has loved me.  Make yourselves at home in my love.”

My prayer to God:

Adoration—I stand in awe of the sacrifice Jesus made on my behalf—the sacrifice of His very life.

Confession—I am sorry that I often judge my involvement in a project depending upon how much sacrifice is involved—rather than how much good I can do.

Thanksgiving—Thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to be a branch in your kingdom with the goal of bearing love fruits for You.

Supplication—I need your help to choose the kinds of fruit I want to produce for you.  I want to glorify You by the way I choose to use my time, abilities and resources.

My Song to God:  I am the vine

“I am the vine and ye are the branches,”
Bear precious fruit for Jesus today;
Branches in Him no fruit ever bearing,
Jesus hath said, “He taketh away.”

“I am the vine and ye are the branches;
I am the vine, be faithful and true;
Ask what ye will, your prayer shall be granted;
The Father loved Me, so I have loved you.”

“Now ye are clean through words I have spoken,
Living in Me, much fruit ye shall bear;
Dwelling in you, My promise unbroken,
Glory in heav’n with Me ye shall share.”


Yes, by your fruits the world is to know you,
Walking in love as children of day;
Follow your Guide, He passeth before you,
Leading to realms of glorious day.



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