Hold It!

5 May

 God’s Word: Genesis 20

God’s message to me:

Hold it!  That is the message I send out over and over but so often it is ignored.  I send My Spirit to urge a person’s heart to refrain from a certain practice and turn another direction—but so often the desires of the flesh override my urgings.  Abraham’s lack of faith caused him to tell others that Sarah was his sister instead of his wife.

People are all vulnerable is some areas and strong in others.  That is why I give you companions to help you where you are weak and for you to help in areas they are weak. “You who have received My strength ought to bear the infirmities of the weak.”  Comfort others with the comfort you have received.  Your strength comes in community.  Help one another—don’t be so quick to condemn.  The goal is to turn people toward Me.  Condemnation doesn’t do that!

Encouragement and love, in spite of sin, draw a person to Me through you.  You are My ambassador of reconciliation—to bring harmony between Me and the sinners I have placed in your path.  Hold it–forget about yourself and magnify Me in the eyes of these who do not know Me as a God of love and acceptance and forgiveness.  I will be with you and lead you and give you the words to say.  Don’t ignore the urgings I place in your heart.

Why are you fearful?  Like Abraham, you are fearful of the unknown, of what you suppose might happen.  Hold it–just rest in Me and allow Me to draw others to Myself through the words and deeds of your life.  I will do that but you must submit to My leading and forget about yourself and your fears.  You can trust Me to carry out My will through you.  You will be blessed in proportion to the blessing that you impart.

God’s Question for me:

What are you waiting for?  There is no perfect time.  Today is the day of salvation.

God’s Promise to me:

As I promised to bless multitudes of people through Abraham, each person you come in contact with today is in relationship with multitudes of others, both now and down through the generations.  By allowing Me to speak through you the fate of many generations can be rescued from sin.  My promise will never change—I will be with you and give you the words to say.

My prayer to God:

I praise you for the presence of your Spirit that continually urges me on in your service.

I am so sorry that I let so many opportunities to speak up for you pass me by.

Thank you that you haven’t given up on me.  Help me to not give up on others.

Help me today to use every opportunity to turn the hearts of others toward You.

My Song to God:

The Savior is waiting to enter your heart
Why don’t you let Him come in?
There’s nothing in this world to keep you apart
What is your answer to Him?

Time after time
He has waited before
And now He is waiting again
To see if you are willing
To open the door
Oh, how He wants to come in.

If you’ll take one step
Toward the Savior, my friend,
You’ll find His arms open wide.
Receive Him, and all of your darkness will end
Within your heart He’ll abide.

Time after time
He has waited before
And now He is waiting again
To see if you are willing
To open the door
Oh, how He wants to come in.


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