The Verdict

31 Mar

God’s Word: Genesis 4

God’s message to me:

Are you thinking that my verdict for Cain wasn’t all that severe for the murder of his brother?  I knew what meant the most to Cain and I took it away from him.  By the standards of the 21st century he may have been called a Master Gardener and I took that away from him as his punishment.  I cannot allow sin to go unpunished—not for revenge but because sin unchecked becomes a plague that spreads like wildfire.

How wonderful it is when mankind uses the talents and abilities and desires I have given them to fulfill my plan for the world.  What is my plan?  To cleanse from sin and make people fit to live eternally with me in heaven.  The purpose of my word is to guide mankind to the path of cleansing which I made known through the life of Christ.  He shows the way and asks mankind to follow in his steps—which lead right to eternal life in heaven with me and all the saints who have gone before.

Disobedience takes many forms.  Cain’s refusal to do the simple thing–offer the sacrifice I had requested–had to be nipped in the bud.  It is so important to nip disobedience in the bud before it puts down roots and grows stronger.  Cain is like so many other people.  They want to call the shots and do things their own way instead of simply obeying me.  My requests are for the good of humanity.  I created you and know how your brain works far better than you can comprehend.

There is an element in obedience that triggers brain processes that helps mankind keep their desires in check.  Unchecked desires turn into rampant sins.  Look around you—there are examples of rampant sins everywhere—in books, movies, behaviors.  Are not the prisons full to overflowing with those who never bothered to keep their desires in check?  So live that my final words to you will be “Well done, good and faithful servant, welcome home.”

God’s Question for me:

How are you using the passions and desires I have given you to help fulfill my purpose for your life?

God’s Promise to me:

Your passions and desires, harnessed by my Spirit, will bring untold blessings and joy.

My Song to God:

“Are ye able,” said the Master,

“To be crucified with Me?”

“Yea,” the sturdy dreamers answered,

“To the death we follow Thee.”


“Are ye able” to remember,

When a thief lifts up his eyes,

That his pardoned soul is worthy

Of a place in paradise?


“Are ye able?” said the Master

Whispers down eternity,

And heroic spirits answer,

Now as then in Galilee:


“Lord, we are able” our spirits are Thine;

Remold them make us like Thee, divine.

Thy guiding radiance above us shall be

A beacon to God, to love and loyalty.


Lyrics: Earl Bowman Marlatt


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