Never Alone

9 Feb

God’s Word: Psalms 139

God’s Attribute: God has had us in His sight from the moment of conception.

God’s Message to me:

The ultra sound machine of this generation shows the sketchy outline of the baby, but I can see you clearly from the moment of conception.  Not only can I see you as a tiny speck of life but I know at that very moment the possibilities that are within your life. So even in your mother’s womb, you are not alone, I am with you, guiding and forming your blossoming body.   Take comfort that I always have you in my sight.  You are never alone throughout your life.

You are an open book to Me.  I know the beginning, all the story lines, and the conclusion.  I have gifted you uniquely to carry out the tasks I know will be laid before you as you live out your life.  I will never give you more than you are able to bear.  I know your breaking limit.

You recognize your passions in life!  Those are a gift from Me.  My challenge to you is to discover how you can use those passions to bless others and point them to my love.  Please remember that your passions are to be used wherever you are or whatever you are doing.  Tap into your passions in your everyday life. I’m right there with you.

God’s Question for me:

Knowing my constant presence in your life, how will you choose to live out your passions today?

God’s Promise to me:

Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you—whenever—wherever!

My Song to God:

  1. I’ve seen the lightning flashing,
    And heard the thunder roll,
    I’ve felt sin’s breakers dashing,
    Trying to conquer my soul;
    I’ve heard the voice of my Savior,
    Telling me still to fight on,
    He promised never to leave me,
    Never to leave me alone.

    • Refrain:
      No, never alone,
      No, never alone,
      He promised never to leave me,
      Never to leave me alone.
  2. The world’s fierce winds are blowing,
    Temptation’s sharp and keen,
    I have a peace in knowing
    My Savior stands between—
    He stands to shield me from danger,
    When earthly friends are gone,
    He promised never to leave me,
    Never to leave me alone.
  3. When in affliction’s valley
    I’m treading the road of care,
    My Savior helps me to carry
    My cross when heavy to bear,
    Though all around me is darkness,
    Earthly joys all flown;
    My Savior whispers His promise,
    “I never will leave thee alone.”
  4. He died for me on the mountain,
    For me they pierced His side,
    For me He opened the fountain,
    The crimson, cleansing tide;
    For me He’s waiting in glory,
    Seated upon His throne,
    He promised never to leave me,
    Never to leave me alone.

What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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