Good News!

24 Jan

God’s Word: Psalms 127

God’s Attribute: Gives rest

God’s Message to me:

If you are simply frantic with too much to do and too many places to go—have I got good news for you.  There is no need to run yourself ragged!  You are doing more than I ever intended you to do.  I delight in giving you rest for both body and soul.  You work like the orbit of the world depended upon you.  Whoa!

When you are working on my projects I am working with you.  And if you aren’t working on my projects—why are you bothering.  It is useless for you to rise early and go to bed late.  The person who said “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” was not far from the truth.

You wonder what exactly my projects are!  Caring for your basic needs, loving others as you love yourself means you are loving me with all your mind and strength and soul.  Everyone needs to focus on this and then no one needs to be overworked and frantic.  Are you perhaps putting the emphasis on the wrong goals?  Most debt is brought on by wants, not needs.  And enemies are made by selfishness.  Both of these fly in the face of my projects for your life.  Follow me and I will give you rest.

God’s Question for me:

What needs to be removed from your life so you can have rest for your mind and soul?

God’s Promise to me:

Do not fear!  Wherever you go, I am with you.

My Song to God:

Earthly pleasures vainly call me—I would be like Jesus.

Nothing worldly shall enthrall me—I would be like Jesus.

Be like Jesus, this my song.

In the home and in the throng.

Be like Jesus all day long!

I would be like Jesus.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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