God’s Knitting Project

17 Jan

God’s Word: Psalms 122

God’s Attribute: Peace-giver

God’s Message to me:

My heart is thrilled when your heart turns to me in praise and thanksgiving.  These kinds of prayers are few and far between.  I am bombarded with prayers for deliverance and requests for things to satisfy the desires of mankind.  But a prayer of praise is like a breath of fresh air to my heart.  It turns my heart every time.  And when you turn my heart—you will receive a peace and joy in your heart that passes understanding.

These kinds of prayers usher you into my presence and knit our hearts together.  And when our hearts are knit together there is an empowerment that flows from me to you.  I enable you to achieve more than you thought possible when you knit your heart with mine.

To follow the path of praise into my presence enlightens the mind of your heart and allows you to see clearly the path of life that it would be best to follow.  I am eager to share this path with you but can’t, unless you come into my presence through praise.  When you come to me with requests to bless your plans you are unable to visualize the plans I have for you.  Please allow me to help create your plans.

God’s Question for me:

Will you enter my presence with praise and allow me to lead your plans instead of first making your plans and then asking me to put my stamp of approval on them?

God’s Promise to me:

I know the plans I have for you—plans to give you a hope and a future.

My Song to God:

To come into the presence of the living God, is to be changed.

You cannot come into His high and holy place, and stay the same.

So, change me Lord, remake me Lord, conform me to the image of your son,

Change me Lord, remake me Lord, till Father, Spirit, Jesus, we are one.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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