How to Grab God’s Attention

10 Jan

God’s Word: Psalms 119:169-176

God’s Attribute: Gives insight from His Word

God’s Message to me:

When you open my Word it is as though you were opening my door and coming into my presence.  As you read the words therein it is me speaking to you.  Ask me for understanding as you read.  Don’t let it be a one sided conversation with me doing all the speaking.  I want to use this means to interact with you.  As our spirits interact I will lead you to deeper understand and open your eyes to things you never dreamed of.

The prayers prayed through my Word are the ones that really grab my attention.  To me it is a conversation with my beloved child.  I will help you understand what you read and give you insights beyond your human understanding.  Truth revealed results in praise.

Understanding invigorates the soul and gives strength to the resolve.  The choice is yours!  If you choose to read and heed my Word, I will draw near to you and shelter you as a shepherd cares for a beloved sheep.  You are my beloved!

God’s Question for me:

Do we have an appointment for meeting together over my Word?

God’s Promise to me:

As you draw near to me I WILL draw near to you.

My Song to God:

Follow, I will follow thee my Lord,

Follow, every passing day.

My tomorrows are all known to Thee,

Thou will lead me all the way.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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