Invitation To God

27 Dec

God’s Word: Psalms 119:97-104

God’s Attribute: God reveals!

God’s Message to me:

When you open my Word, the Bible, it is an invitation to me to become involved in your life.  There is so much I long to reveal to you but you are only able to take it in a bit at a time.  My revelations to you come in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend in my Word.  You will gain wisdom from me that will give you an edge over your enemies.  Furthermore, my Word will never become obsolete because it is full of life principles that speak to every generation.

By reading my Word you will gain my wisdom if you put into practice the advice I reveal to you.  By putting my Word into practice, it will help you avoid the pitfalls and ruts of evil.  My Word is a roadmap for your life.  Read it and be blessed.  Ignore it and suffer the consequences of foolish choices.

As you read—my Spirit interacts with your spirit—and I speak (reveal) to you just what you need at the moment.  My peace I give to you, a peace that passes human understanding.  I’m here for you—waiting to meet you often as you open my Word.

God’s Question for me:

Will you invite me to interact in your life by committing to regular reading of my Word?

God’s Promise to me:

Come unto Me—through my Word—and I will give you wisdom, peace and deep joy.

My Song to God:

The Bible is God’s Word—take it wherever you go.

The Bible is God’s Word—share it so others will know.

We study the Bible to help us to know,

More about God and the way we should grow.

May we like young Timothy—study to show,

Lives that are pleasing to God.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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