What Shape Are You In?

18 Nov

God’s Word: Psalms 119:41-48

God’s Attribute: Love that shapes our lives

God’s Message to me:

Have you stopped to consider how your love shapes the lives of others?  The amount of love and forgiveness, compassion and kindness you bestow upon others shapes their very being.  In the same way, the extent to which you respond to my love and forgiveness, compassion and kindness, shapes your very being.  You cannot give what you do not possess.  Accept from me and then pass that on to others.  My love and attributes can flow through your life, into the lives of others.  Oh how hungry the world is for my love and forgiveness, compassion and kindness.  But unless they see it reflected in you—they will miss it altogether.

Guard what I have entrusted to you.  Use my words of counsel you read from my Word to shape your life and shape how you relate to others.  My truth and wisdom do not flow into your life by osmosis—you have to search them out and then live them out in the school of hard knocks.  Do you deserve my love and forgiveness?  What could you ever do to deserve the sacrifice that was given on your behalf—the death of Christ?  Then why must you think others should be deserving of your love and forgiveness.

In order to fully benefit from my gift of love and forgiveness, you must allow it to shape your thoughts and be extended to all others—regardless of whether they deserve it or not.  Regardless of whether they accept you or not—you be my hands, feet and mouth that conveys my love for your world.

God’s Question for me:

How have my love and forgiveness, compassion and kindness shaped the way you relate to others in your life?

God’s Promise to me:

My love, demonstrated through forgiveness of sins, shapes your life so you can be a shaper of other lives on my behalf.

My Song to God:

Spirit of the Living God—Fall Fresh on Me!


One Response to “What Shape Are You In?”

  1. Jane Ann Crenshaw November 19, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    I remember years ago when I was complaining to Vernon about someone. And his response was; “She needs you to love her!” I said I didn’t want to love her, I just wanted her to stop what she was doing. Each time I would go to him with this same problem and each time he would say; “She needs you to love her!” I finally shut up and listened to him and eventually I learned to look beyond my problem and to this day “I love her and she loves me!” Praise God for those have wisdom, even though they are younger than yourself. Thank you also for your insights into this passage…..


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