Unlimited Forgiveness

2 Nov

God’s Word: Psalms 118

God’s Attribute: God’s love never quits.

God’s Message to me:

Statistics tell us that a good 50% of marriages end in divorce.  That means many people know what it means for love to “quit.”  What started out so full of love and promise has turned into a battle of hatred.  Why does that happen so often?  Lack of forgiveness!  My love will never quit because I have an unlimited supply of forgiveness.  No matter how many times you turn into sin, then turn back to me—I am always willing to take you back.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work in human relationships.  Both must be willing to forgive on a regular basis.  If one person continually forgives and the other takes advantage of it—better to be apart from that person.

Relationships flourish when forgiveness happens in daily life—in all the little things—by both partners.  A simple rule of thumb is “look for the good” instead of looking for the fault.  Praise for the good goes so much farther and accomplishes so much more than the nitpicking.  You all know this!  Why is it so hard to put into practice?  Selfishness is the answer!  Everyone wants life to revolve around them.

My example was to revolve my life around others—to the extent of Christ dying for the forgiveness of mankind’s sins.  I specialize in meeting the needs of the inner person.  By so doing they are blest and I am too.  I love meeting your needs.  My desire is that you grow to love meeting the needs of others—especially to those in closest relationship to you—which seems harder to do.  You have the choice to either let your love “quit” or choose to forgive and focus on meeting others needs.  Then you are both winners.

God’s Question for me:

Will you draw upon my unlimited supply of forgiveness for yourself and then eagerly share that same forgiveness with others?

God’s Promise to me:

My love never quits.

My Song to God:

Lord help me live from day-to-day in such a self-forgetful way, that even when I kneel to pray, my prayer will be for others.  Others, Lord, yes others.  Let this my motto be.  Help me to live for others, that I might live like Thee.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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