God is Listening

29 Oct

God’s Word: Psalms 116

God’s Attribute: God “Listens”

God’s Message to me:

My “line” is always open, listening for your call.  You must have been very busy lately, because you don’t call much.  I’ve gotten used to the routine of the human race.  When life is going your way—you don’t spend much time talking to me—not even thanking me for the good blessings coming your way.  But life, lived in your own strength, always goes downhill, so I know you will be back, calling out to me in desperation.

I am your Father.  I love seeing you doing well in life but would enjoy being a part of your upbeat days and not just called in with things fall apart.  You just might realize that your good days would increase, in direct proportion to the time spend with me rejoicing in your blessings.  Not that I would take away all the pain in your life, but I will be with you through that pain and will give you peace to take whatever comes your way.

How do you feel when your children ignore you until they need something?  Would your love for them change?  No, but your response to their cries might be altered.  To give your child everything they ask for would do more harm than good.  There would never be an end to the requests for bailing them out.  Same here.  In my compassionate wisdom, I provide you with everything you need to make it through the journey of life successfully.

God’s Question for me:

As you want me to listen to your cries for help, whose cries are you listening for and helping?

God’s Promise to me:

God takes the side of the helpless.

My Song to God:

I can hear my Savior calling


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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