Outlive Your Life

23 Oct

God’s Word: Psalms 111

God’s Attribute: God manufactures truth and justice. All His products are guaranteed to last—never out of date never obsolete, rust-proof.  (MSG)

God’s Message to me:

What does your life manufacture?  How long will the products you manufacture last?  My word shows you the way to “outlive your earthly life.”  Though you pile higher and deeper the products the world produces the pleasure or usefulness never lasts.  Focus instead on producing the fruit of truth and justice by the words and deeds of your life.  These are the products that are guaranteed to last.

Truth and justice are only evident in your relationships with others—all others.  Any acts of kindness, patience, forgiveness are done not only to another—but I accept it personally.  However, any acts of cruelty, rage, unkindness, injustice, done to another—any other, I also accept it personally.

Your treatment of others will certainly “outlive your earthly life.”  Your words and deeds (the products manufactured by your life) will either turn others toward Me or away from Me.  I give you free choice on how to spend your life.  My Word shows you how to manufacture truth and justice.  Read, heed, and plant My seed.

God’s Question for me:

Who will be with us in heaven because of the “products” your life manufactured?

God’s Promise to me:

All that I make and do is honest and true.

My Song to God:

Others, Lord, Yes Others, let this my motto be.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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