God’s Flags

15 Oct

God’s Word: Psalms 108

God’s Attribute: (4)  Every cloud’s a flag to (God’s) faithfulness!

God’s Message to me:

Clouds are part of my master plan to protect you.  They shield you from the heat of the sun.  They provide you with rain and snow that sustains your life.  You might think you prefer a life full of clear skies but I know better.  My faithfulness gives you what you need, not what you think you need.  If every day was pure blue skies you would tire of that.  Cloudy days help you to appreciate the clear days.  Cloudy days provide what you need.

More than actual cloudy or sunny days, life is full of days of thick cloud cover and wonderful blue sky days.  To accept the carefree days and rejoice, you must know that the burdensome days will also come and you must also accept them also.  Always remember than I am as present in one day as the next.  I will go with you through whatever challenges lie in your path.  Praise me in the sun and in the rain for I will give all your clouds a silver lining.  But you must get your heart in the right “position” to see that silver lining of hope.  Some go through life never seeing it—never appreciating what I have gifted them with.

Some days you will feel like the cloud of doom has landed on you.  Other days you feel as free as the breeze on a clear sunny day.  Praise me whatever the weather or wherever you find yourself in lifes challenges.  Always remember that behind every cloud of doom my flag of faithfulness is still waving.

God’s Question for me:

As I am faithfully available to help you, are you faithfully available to lend a hand to others?

God’s Promise to me:

Lo, I am with you always, even to the very end.

My Song to God: A Shelter in the Time of Storm


One Response to “God’s Flags”

  1. Jane Ann Crenshaw October 16, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    Sort of reminds me of a song. “Gray clouds are going to clear up; put on a happy face!” Happy faces come from knowing our Lord; doesn’t it? The man once said, as he opened the curtains to look at the morning; “This is just the kind of day I wanted!” Can we say that in spite of the clouds, rain or snow?


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