Miracle Mercies

13 Oct

God’s Word: Psalms 107

God’s Attribute: God’s “miracle mercy” provides food and drink, releases from prison, heals the sick, leads to a safe harbor, gives prosperity in a wasteland.

God’s Message to me:

The very food you eat is a miracle full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to survive.  You imprison yourself to so many “things” but my miracle mercy will set you free.  How many times have you been so sick you thought you would die?  My miracle mercy restored you to health.  When you feel you are floundering in the wild sea of life, my miracle mercy leads you to a safe harbor.  Even in a wasteland of missed opportunities, I will provide you with prosperity.

You need not look far away for my miracle mercies that I shower over your life.  Perhaps you spend too much time fretting over what you don’t have, instead of rejoicing over what you do have.  Haven’t you seen people who were perhaps paralyzed or restricted in some way, with a thankful attitude?  My miracle mercies are always available, to stand in the gap for you.  Please don’t worry over those things you have no control over.  Remember I still have control of you—my miracle mercies are sheltering you.  Turn to me in your need and those mercies will wash over your heart and mind and give you the peace you need.  Yes, peace, in the midst of the turmoil is what you need and that is what my miracle mercy provides.

Rest in this my friend—you are never alone—I am always present with you and am eager for you to reach out for my miracle mercy that provides, releases, heals, leads and gives.

God’s Question for me:

Will you decide to spend more time rejoicing in what I have provided for you rather than fretting over what you don’t have?  (It will make all the difference in the world for you.)

God’s Promise to me:

My mercies are new every morning—there will never be a shortage of my miracle mercies in your life.

My Song to God:

Count your blessings


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