It’s Not All About Me

6 Oct

God’s Word: Psalms 102

God’s Attribute: (12) You God are always and ever sovereign.  (supreme authority)

God’s Message to me:

You are my people—the sheep of my pasture.  But remember, though the shepherd cares for the flock, it is still for his own purposes.  He cares for the sheep so they can provide for his needs.  Thought he would sacrifice his life to protect his sheep that still does not mean “it’s all about the sheep.”

Humanity gets to thinking “it’s all about me,” my comfort, my pleasure, my needs met, my physical health being in top shape.  Each person seems to think they are sovereign.  And they expect me to respond to their every beck and call to relieve them from the pains associated with living.  I have provided you with amazing “earth-suits,” (your body) that heal themselves, can fight off disease, and achieve peace of mind.  But the main pain Jesus died to save you from is the pain of sin and separation from our presence in your life and life everlasting with us in heaven.

As sovereign, I request that you live all of your life, whether pain or pleasure, in such a way that the people not yet born will praise me because of the footprints you left.

God’s Question for me: Where will your footprints lead to those who follow behind?

God’s Promise to me: (15) The godless nations will sit up and take notice.

My Song to God: Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us


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