God’s Music

28 Sep

God’s Word: Psalms 98

God’s Attribute: (1)  Sing to God. . . . He’s made a world of wonders!

God’s Message to me:

The whole world is My orchestra and choir.  The music to My ears is the sounds coming from the critters, the wind, the waves, the thunder, the rain, and most of all the voices and instruments played in My honor by My favored creation—humanity.  When you hear the sounds of the critters you know your little part of the planet is running smoothly.  Birds, frogs, squirrels, crickets, and many more animal sounds make up My choir.  Yes, even the bark of the dog is music to My ears.  I hope you enjoy the sounds  as I do because they exist so you can exist.  They are part of the habitat of humanity I created just for you.

All of this is for one purpose—to create the environment for you to respond to My love. First of all I demonstrated My love through My creation, and then I stooped down from heaven, as Jesus Christ, to pay the ultimate price to set you right with Me.

And what do I want from you?  I long for you to recognize My being—My presence in your world and your life.  I do not exist separate from you but abide with those who invite Me into their heart and life.  I long to give you joy unspeakable and full of glory that can’t help but well up inside you and flow out into the lives of others.  That is music to My ears.  The critters do exactly what I created them to do—no problem there.  They all know I am their maker.  Humanity was endowed with a “free will” that means they can choose to do what I created them to do—or not.  How I am blessed when you choose Me.  I already choose you and patiently await your response.  That is the music of My life.

God’s Question for me: What kind of “music” is your life making?

God’s Promise to me: (9) When God comes. . .  to set the earth right He’ll straighten out the whole world, He’ll put the world right, and everyone in it.

My Song to God: His eye is on the sparrow


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