Weeds of the Heart

21 Sep

God’s Word: Psalms 97

God’s Attribute: (1&2) God rules. . . . right and justice anchor his rule.

God’s Message to me:

No matter who is ruling—there are those for and those against.  It’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time.  Why is that?  Because people judge the rulers based on how it blesses them personally.  Your word for that is selfishness.   It isn’t even possible for me to please everyone, since I gave man free choice, so don’t expect that you will ever be able to please everyone.

Along with mankind’s free choice to sin, back in the garden, not only did weed-seeds begin to sprout in the ground, but in the heart as well.  As in the garden, so the heart—weeds must be removed when very small or they will choke out all the good seeds and destroy the crop.  Weed seeds sneak into the heart, carried on the winds of selfishness. Mankind wants to “do their own thing,” to “be true to ones self,” to “take care of number one.”  They don’t want to live under my authority, even though my rule is anchored in right and justice.

I am not asking mankind to give up anything but to accept the light-seeds I want to plant in their souls.  And the joy-seeds I will give to those who have prepared their heart-soil by removing the weed-seeds of selfishness.  My rule is for your own good and pleasure everlasting.  There are no regrets when you step into the realm of my rule and receive the pure seed of love that I long to share.

God’s Question for me: Do your words and deeds invite others to step into my rule of light and justice?  Can they see me living in you?

God’s Promise to me: My blessings of right and justice are poured out on your life in direct proportion to how you pour them into the lives of all those you come in contact with. 

My Song to God: Joy Unspeakable


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