Look Around!

14 Sep

God’s Word: Psalms 92

God’s attribute: (5)  How MAGNIFICENT your work, God!  How profound your thoughts!

God’s message to me:

The key to me noticing you is for you to notice me first.  Look around you at the magnificent world I have created and set into motion.  Life is motion.  Life is the realm of time.  I give you the years of your life to observe my creation and respond.  While you may think my seeking praise from you is simply to make myself feel good and elevated, it is not.  It is because I created you and working in tandem with me is the only way for you to have lasting peace and satisfaction in this life.  It blesses you to praise Me.

When you sing praise, give thanks, and come before me in rejoicing—I recognize that you have seen me in my creation and Word.  Your happiness in this life is not dependent upon your money in the bank, or your secure job or retirement savings, but upon your recognizing me as the creator of this magnificent world.  And based upon this I lead you each step down the path where peace and joy reign.  I specialize in giving peace in the midst of the storm—not simply taking all the storms away.

Whatever storm you are facing today—financial, health, aging, illness, sorrow—I am there with you.  Look around your world and you will see me.  I speak through the wind and the waves, the clouds and the rain, the sun and the shade, the flowers and the birds, the animals and the garden.  I am saying to you—peace, be still.  Take my thoughts as your own and rest in me.

God’s question for me: Will you give me your burden and accept my presence in your life as you look around you at my creation?

God’s promise to me: Good people are like palm trees, they’ll grow tall in the presence of God.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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