Smooth Sailing

2 Sep

God’s Word: Psalms 84

God’s Attribute: (12) “It’s smooth sailing all the way with God.”

God’s Message to me:

Do you really believe that verse?  Then I suggest that you make it visible in your life.  How, you say?  By recognizing that I am right there with you in all the storms of life and give you open access to peace and joy, no matter what storms are raging in your world.  There is no need for you to fall to pieces—instead fall into my arms of protective love.

As you turn to me, I turn to you.  Even in the midst of terrible adversity I am right there and you can proceed with peace and joy in your heart.  Then the world will see that there is a God who cares because you have made me evident by the words and deeds of your life.  It isn’t only in the good times that things are going well for you.  Things can always be well for you if you continually draw near to me.

Don’t worry about tomorrow—let me take care of all your worries.  Just trust me and I will see you through all challenges.  Look around at the beautiful world I have created—the balance of “nature” is balanced just so to make your life possible.  All of creation is your servant.  And into your hands I have given the responsibility to care for one another and all creatures and the land as well.  That is your task while on earth.  Care for others on my behalf.

Acts of service benefit you far more than benefitting anyone else.  But to step up to the next dimension is to do those acts of service “as unto me.”  Because that is exactly how I see them.  I take all your treatment of others, and all of creation personally.  Therefore, if you want my forgiveness—forgive others.  If you want my attention—pay attention to others.  If you want my blessing—be a blessing to others.  That is the key to smooth-sailing all the way with me.

God’s question for me:

Are you prepared to step out of your lifeboat and into my raft?  Perfect safety from your vantage point is what I call you to give up on my behalf.  I specialize in leaky rafts that sail smoothly through rough seas.  Trust me–I’m your sailing companion.

God’s promise to me:

(12) All sunshine and sovereign is God, generous in gifts and glory.  He doesn’t skimp with his traveling companions, It’s smooth sailing all the way with God.


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