Co-Mission With God

31 Aug

God’s Word: Psalms 82

God’s attribute: (1 & 6)  God calls and commissions.

God’s message to me:

Wondering which direction to go in your life?  Spend time with me and I will lead you down the path I have already prepared you for.  Your passions didn’t come from your own desires.  I wired them into you because of the work I have that needs to be done.  Some take their passions and use them for self-gratification and enjoy a frivolous life.

As you interact with Me, I will direct you (call) in the use of those passions in service to others (commission)—that will give you joy unspeakable and full of glory.  There is no greater satisfaction that to know you have blessed another human using the skills and talents I’ve placed within your life.

I call “whosoever will” and commission with my mission, those who answer the call.  I will blow you away with my plan that will explode your thinking and take it to a level you never thought possible. I reveal it to you one step at a time because that is all you can comprehend.  I only give you what you can handle and use wisely.  After all, I created you and know how you “tick.”   My job is to call—yours is to answer.   I leave the choice entirely up to you.

God’s question for me: Will you take those passions I have placed within you and use them to bless others—and in so doing you are actually blessing me?

God’s promise to me: I accept all acts of kindness you do as done unto myself.  Do not worry—if no one else noticed I do—and am blessed through your words and deeds.  Keep on!


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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