Time to Praise

26 Aug

God’s Word: Psalms 79

God’s Attribute: (13)  God is. . . . .wonderful and praiseworthy!

God’s Message to me:

Is it only when “lady luck” shines on you that I deserve your praise?  Aren’t there plenty of everyday moments to give me praise?  Just living and breathing, eating and drinking are plenty to elicit your praise.  Even the ungodly often praise me when “lady luck” shines on them.  But that’s it.  They use me like a good luck charm to call upon when times are bad or as a rejoicing comment when things go well.  Instead of waiting for “lady luck” to strike, search your everyday moments for all you have to praise me for.

Opportunities abound for you to fulfill your passions—that I have placed within you!  I provide my provision so you can pursue these passions!  Your health and freedom to go to the doctor and have insurance to help pay the bills!  On and on you could go all day and never run out of praiseworthy things.  Instead mankind takes all my everyday goodness/provision for granted and only turns to me in times of deep need or moments of great rejoicing.

I am not suggestion you should NOT turn to me at these times but reminding you that even the ungodly do this.  You are living on another dimension from the ungodly–looking daily for things to praise me about.  And in the same way that I enjoy your praise, so do others. Look for details to praise in the life of another.  Don’t patronize them, but be genuine in expressing appreciations.  May I remind you that “As you do unto others, you do unto me.  I take your treatment of others personally.”

God’s question for me: Will you renew your commitment to look for the good in the world around you, people included, and express praise to both them and me?

God’s promise to me: As you do unto others, I will do unto you.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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