Relief or Reform?

23 Sep

God’s WordPsalms 106

God’s Attribute: (43)  Over and over God rescued them, but they never learned. helping-another

God’s Message to me:

Often people want Me to rescue them because they want relief, not reform!  I couldn’t begin to count the times people have called out to Me for rescue, promising all kinds of reform, if I would just get them out of their troubles.  But when a person is rescued from the consequences of their choices, they learn nothing and continue to make bad choices.  But we keep hoping, don’t we?  Perhaps this time they will make some reforms and not get into trouble again.

Use caution when rescuing people from their bad choices.  Sometimes you have to let people suffer the consequences of their choices before they see the vital need of reform.  If you rescue them, you cause them to rely on your kindness instead of making life changes.

Use wisdom in your rescue efforts. Ask yourself, did this person get in this predicament because of unwise choices or was this an unforeseen calamity?  Do not hand out your mercy efforts just to make yourself feel good.  Many people rely on that to sustain their dysfunctional lifestyle.  The goal in all rescue efforts is reform, not merely relief.

God’s Question for me: 

Will you use caution and wisdom in rescuing others from the challenges they face?

God’s Promise to me: 

My immense love for you results in My mercy being shown.  (How are you reflecting that mercy to others?)

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To use wisdom is lending my helping efforts to others.

My voice:  To speak Your words of wisdom to those in challenging circumstances.  Encourage them to make wise choices.

My heart:  To always be ready to show tender compassion to all.

My body:  To use my best efforts to relieve the suffering of those, who through no fault of their own, face insurmountable challenges.

Scientific Stepping Stones

20 Sep

God’s WordPsalms 104

God’s Attribute: (24) What a wildly wonderful world, God!  You made it all with Wisdom at your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations. gecko

God’s Message to me:

You don’t have to work hard to find Me—just look around.  The more science discovers about the world, the universe, the more they are discovering about Me.  Even though many of them are trying to find a way to “prove” that I don’t exist—My creation is shouting DESIGN.  You can’t deny it or get away from design.  Science knows, without a doubt, that design doesn’t come apart from a designer.  But they don’t want to submit to Me so they try to explain Me out of the picture.

How blest I am when you look to My creation, see My design, praise Me and share your findings with others.  Even those who try to disprove My existence by their scientific “discoveries,” are helping promote belief in My existence.  All they discover are more reasons “molecules to man” evolution is not feasible.  You, who believe in Me, take their findings and use them to point others even closer to Me.  Those scientists are unknowingly working on My behalf.  Don’t ignore their findings—use them as stepping-stones to come to know Me better.

Your mother taught you to show proper appreciation to those who give you a gift.  This world is My gift to humanity.  Your singing, prayers, and good deeds done for others are thank you notes sent special delivery to Me.

God’s Question for me

Will you look for opportunities to send thank you notes My way today?

God’s Promise to me

As you look for the good in others, I look for the good in you.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To look for Your good around me and expose it.

My voice:  To speak only words that give honor to You.

My heart:  I invite You to mold my heart after Your own.

My body:  To use my energies in ways to glorify You

Lessons from a Dog

2 Aug

Taking my dog for a walk is a meditative sort of activity.  As we were walking today I realized that my reEllen & Cooperlationship to God is nearly like my dog, Cooper’s, relationship to me.  Cooper does great as long as I keep hold of the short leash.  The distractions come but since he knows he is on leash he ignores them.  It’s very peaceful for us both.  That is how my relationship with God is when I am connected to Him through His Word.  His Word serves as my leash.  My life goes along peacefully as long as I stay connected to God.

Once Cooper and I get to a large church parking lot with lots of grass and shrubs, I let him off leash.  Oh how excited he is to go exploring.  I mean he’s totally excited to be off-leash.  He leaves his mark on shrubs, finds disgusting things to taste, chases a cat, arouses a bird to flight and oh how he loves running free.  And when he decides to “make a deposit” on the grass of course, I follow along to clean up after him.  I often call out to him with warnings but he ignores me.  When it’s time to go I call him back to my side and he reluctantly comes and we continue on with the leash connecting us.

We too love to run free and do whatever comes naturally–often causing pain or anxiety for others.  There are so many distractions in life that pull us away from God and we go about our merry way–ignoring that He is still close by.  We forget all about His leash–the Bible and do things our own way.  Then, when our actions and choices have gotten us into trouble we come running back to God and His Word, wondering why things just aren’t working out and wanting Him to fix it.  We want both our freedom and His protection.

I want my life to be so absorbed with God’s Word that I never want to get far away from His protective care.  I’m grateful for His loving forgiveness and patience when I mess up and wander off.  But how wonderful it is to know He is always there, waiting for Me to come back to His side.  What a wonderfully peaceful place to be!

Power Corrupts–Holiness Heals

29 Jul

God’s WordPsalms 99

God’s Attribute: (9) Holy is God (Holy means worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness.)  Holiness

God’s Message to me:

My position as Creator and Ruler of the universe demands holiness.  Power in the hands of the evil is disastrous.  No one is able to safely handle absolute power.  Power corrupts—holiness is a realm above the possibility of corruption.  No one on earth lives in that realm.  But what deep peace and satisfaction you realize when you experience moments realizing My holiness and bask in that limelight I shine down on you.

I have provided you open access into these moments to recharge your spirit but all too often you ignore My invitation to bask in My love and holiness.  Instead, you choose to worry and fret over things you have no control over.  Please, just trust Me.  I am a lover of justice and will see you safely through life’s struggles and pain.

Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you—anywhere, everywhere, all the time.  You are never out of My mind.  To turn your thoughts toward Me is to worship Me.  I invite you to step into My realm of holiness and then reflect that holiness to those around you.  I comfort you in all your troubles so that you might comfort others in theirs.  In so doing for others a deep peace surrounds you—that is My spirit of holiness and you can “flesh out” in the unselfish acts of caring for others—with no regards as to what you receive for yourself.

God’s Question for me

Will you come unto Me so my holiness can rub off on you and be spread over your little corner of the world?

God’s Promise to me

I will be with you—wherever you go!

My Prayer to emulate God’s Attributes

I Pledge:

My mind: To turn to You often in praise and worship.

My voice:  To allow Your holiness to bathe every word I say.

My heart:  To love every other person I meet as though it was You.

My body:  To sacrifice self in order to bless others on Your behalf.

God’s Music

28 Jul

God’s WordPsalms 98

God’s Attribute: (1) Sing to God–He’s made a world of wonders!

God’s Message to me:creation

The whole world is My orchestra and choir.  Music to My ears is the sounds of the critters, the wind, the waves, the thunder, the rain, and especially the voices and instruments played in My honor by My favored creation—humanity.  When you hear the sounds of the critters you know your little part of the planet is running smoothly.  Birds, frogs, squirrels, crickets, and many more animal sounds make up My choir.  I hope you enjoy the sounds as I do because they exist so you can exist.  They are part of the habitat of humanity I created for you.

All of this is for one purpose—to create the environment for you to respond to My love. First, I demonstrated My love through My creation, and then stooped down from heaven, as Jesus Christ, to pay the ultimate price to set you right with Me.

And what do I want from you?  To recognize My being—My presence in your world and your life.  I abide with those who invite Me into their heart and life.  I offer you joy unspeakable and full of glory that can’t help but well up inside you and flow out into the lives of others.  That is music to My ears.  The critters do exactly what I created them to do.  They know I am their maker.  Humanity was endowed with “free will,” meaning they can choose to do what I created them to do—or not.  How I am blessed when you choose Me.  I already choose you and patiently await your response.  That is the music of my life.

God’s Question for me

Is the music of your life honoring Me?

God’s Promise to me:

 (9) When God comes. . .  to set the earth right He’ll straighten out the whole world, He’ll put the world right, and everyone in it.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To focus on the wonders of creation and share it with others.

My voice:  May the words and deeds of my life be sweet music to You.

My heart:  To be drawn to carry out Your will for my life.

My body: To touch the lives of others and draw them to You

Is God Fair?

26 Jul

God’s WordPsalms 96

God’s Attribute: (5 & 10)  God made the heavens. . .He put the world on a firm foundation. is God Fair

God’s Message to me:

Look around you—I made it all with you in mind.  The exact distance between the earth, sun and moon, the exact balance of oxygen, the exact amount of water needed for life, the seeds and animals for food for you and for them.  Oh how I loved creating all this for you.  You are My child and I love you.  I love it when you enjoy My creation.

And what do I desire from you?  Acknowledgement that this is My gift to you and take good care of My creation.  How do I know you acknowledge Me as creator?  I hear your songs of praise and hear you sharing My good news with others.  My creation speaks loudly of its praise of Me. Mankind are the only ones who deny My existence.  All the rest of creation are busy doing My bidding.  You are the only ones I have endowed with free choice.  How honored I am when you choose Me.  Thank you.

I hear it said often, “life isn’t fair.”  Don’t worry–life may not be fair but I am fair and I treat everyone fair and square.  That is—as fair and square as you treat others.  Remember I take your treatment of others personally, then reflect that same treatment back to you.  What you give is what you get.  Isn’t that fair?

God’s Question for me

Are you caring for My creation (including other people) in a way that acknowledges Me as the Creator?

God’s Promise to me:

I treat everyone fair and square–and sprinkle in a little grace.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:   I Pledge:

My mind: To include You in my constant thoughts more and more.

My voice:  To consider all my words spoken as unto You.

My heart:  To beat with Yours in concern for others.

My body:  To be a good steward of my time and honor You in all I do.

A Circle of Quiet

25 Jul

God’s Word: Psalms 94: 

God’s Attribute:

(15)  Provides a circle of quiet within the clamor of of peace

(19)  When I was upset and beside myself, you calmed me down and cheered me up.

God’s Message to me:

As it was in days the Psalms were written—mankind still is asking Me to deliver you BEFORE any trials come into your life.  You make your choices, get yourself in trouble then want Me to deliver you.  Don’t you realize that trials help you grow strong?  There is no other way.  The spoiled child never makes a strong adult.  As children need to suffer the consequences in order to learn—so do you.

What I offer you is a circle of quiet within the clamor of evil around you.  Step into My circle and rest amidst the trials that surround you.  When you are upset and beside yourself I will calm you down and cheer you up.  Don’t you understand—for your own good I cannot remove all trials from your life or I am taking away your free will.  But what I am willing and able to do is carry you through those storms.

Reach out to Me in the midst of life’s storms and be at peace—whatever the storms are. It will take effort on your part but that is part of strengthening you.  Choose My peace!  Step into My circle of quiet.  And then—reach out to others and draw them into My circle also.

God’s question for me

Will you choose My circle of quiet within the clamor of trouble that surrounds you—and seek to be a circle of quiet for others also?

God’s promise to me

As I see you treating others—I will treat you.

My prayer to God:

  1. Adoration:  What a wonderful insight You give–trials are part of our strengthening process
  2. Confession: I’m sorry for ever turning away from others when they are going through troubles.  (Too much drama!)
  3. Thanksgiving: I am thankful for the insights You give me.
  4. Supplication: Help me to be Your messenger of mercy.
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